Hello Clashtalk! I am FrogAndToadForever (but my friends call me Frog.... never just Toad), and in keeping with my obvious love of children's media, here are my favorite children's TV show theme songs. » 1/23/15 1:01pm Friday 1:01pm

Ooof. I have a lot of thoughts about international adoption as well. I think it's really problematic to adopt babies from conflict or disaster zones - chances are those babies have a family. Babies in Guatemala are, and have been for decades, essentially currency, and I'm sure it's the same way in other places. I know… » 1/11/15 3:41pm 1/11/15 3:41pm

Yeah, I don't know. I mean, I think that this kind of writing is a good idea. Of course it's no woman's obligation to teach men how to be less sexist, but it's more likely to happen if some women are doing so. They have to learn somewhere. » 12/24/14 2:18pm 12/24/14 2:18pm

Don't forget Lilo and Stitch! Two sisters, one of them kicking ass and taking care of her baby sister, the other little weirdo being totally individual and saving the planet! And there's still a love interest, AND the characters are non-white, AND their body types are interesting - Lilo wears a muumuu the whole time,… » 12/18/14 1:35pm 12/18/14 1:35pm

I have a Stila palette that has neutral eyeshadow and a blush and a highlighter. It's called Symphony I believe, but they have a bunch of options in a bunch of shades. I love it! I use the eye makeup basically every day. » 12/11/14 11:49pm 12/11/14 11:49pm

I think the point is that women shouldn't have to be dressed "exploitatively" to make their narratives appealing to men. So whether there's a great character behind those clothes or not, it doesn't really affect the larger point. Because what you're talking about, men realizing a woman has worth outside of her looks… » 12/08/14 10:52pm 12/08/14 10:52pm

I'm usually all about liquids and creams for dry skin, but these are super-high quality so there's a good chance you'll be fine. Plus I have yet to find a liquid/cream highlighter I really like, and bronzing pretty much has to be powder anyway. » 12/06/14 10:34pm 12/06/14 10:34pm

Our stockings have always been useful, practical stuff and candy. School supplies, toiletries, etc. My father has put a mini-tool set in my stocking every Christmas since I left for college because HEAVEN FORBID I not have the right screwdriver for all my collegiate woodworking projects. » 12/06/14 1:01pm 12/06/14 1:01pm

First: is stepkid in therapy? Even if she seems totally fine, it simply can't hurt. Plus, a professional could help her work out her feelings towards her mother and help you, as a family, establish boundaries that allow stepkid to feel connected to her birth mom, but also keep herself safe emotionally. I would… » 12/03/14 9:35pm 12/03/14 9:35pm

Thanks for bringing this up! It seems like there are no good options for this kid... he doesn't like naps, so his other option is to be silent for 90 minutes? Why is napping so important, if he doesn't want to? » 12/03/14 2:34am 12/03/14 2:34am