Unpopular Opinion Time: Of all of Rory's boyfriends, I liked Jess the best. Yes, while they were dating he was an asshole and a jerk, BUT his issues stemmed from real things, like being abandoned by his father and sent away by his crazy mother (who was made to sound a lot worse than they actually made her by the time… » 7/27/14 2:26pm Sunday 2:26pm

Every time I've dealt with Magister has been an epic mansplaining session, but I had no idea he was this bad. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that bullshit, on top of other (really really scary!) bullshit! » 7/27/14 1:59pm Sunday 1:59pm

This all sounds like super normal behavior of six-year-olds with very little discipline. So, the kid is normal, the parents are lazy. It's not so much "at what age are children expected to do x" because they won't do it "naturally," those expectations come from discipline. » 7/22/14 9:26pm 7/22/14 9:26pm

Ya know, in my personal life, I'm generally pretty understanding about these kinds of things, because to an extent I think that misunderstandings can happen when alcohol is involved (obviously, YMMV). But here's the key: if I tell them I was uncomfortable with something they did when drunk and they don't apologize?… » 7/21/14 8:29pm 7/21/14 8:29pm

This wasn't a politely worded request.... you didn't even say please. You didn't acknowledge any of the author's struggle in writing this or that anyone but you had any emotions about it. You say you still want to visit GT, but GT doesn't exist solely for you - it exists equally for the author, and how welcome do you… » 7/17/14 11:21pm 7/17/14 11:21pm

He may not be a PUA, but just think he's playing the dating "game" or going on the advice of a friend or something. If you really liked him, I think your response is good, lets him know that that wasn't cool with you, leaves him room to back down. » 7/17/14 9:31pm 7/17/14 9:31pm

The skirt + black shirt + red lipstick = bangin'! I wouldn't do the red cardigan, because even if it's not too much red/clashing it might detract focus from the red lip. Try to ditch the cardi or do the white! » 7/15/14 11:17pm 7/15/14 11:17pm