Mrrrr. I almost used "All lives matter" because my school recently had a protest about racism on campus in which that was a slogan. Then I thought about it for two seconds and realized it was a bad plan. » 11/25/14 1:09pm Yesterday 1:09pm

It seems fundamentally illogical to me that you would be placed in a therapy group based on a diagnosis made a year and a half ago based on one experience. Maybe I'm missing some significant background? I'm also curious as to who "they" are who are demanding you see this specific group before you go on to trauma… » 11/12/14 12:40am 11/12/14 12:40am

The Bechdel test is way more useful when applied the way it was designed to be: to the film industry as a whole rather than a metric value judgement for individual movies. This "F" rating seems to have different criteria which is nice. » 11/09/14 10:53pm 11/09/14 10:53pm

Here is something I don't get: why the fuck is soy milk considered high maintenance at Starbucks?! How is it different from ordering a caramel vs. peppermint latte? I mean, I totally get that "unnecessary" substitutions are annoying in a lot of situations. But the whole point of a Starbucks and its many options is to… » 11/07/14 12:53am 11/07/14 12:53am

I'm considering a chin implant, since I have a very receded chin as well. What was the recovery process like? I've had surgery on my face before (cleft lip/palate) so I know it's no picnic, but I still feel like it might be worth it. How much did recovery impact your ability to use your mouth? Like eating and talking… » 11/07/14 12:48am 11/07/14 12:48am

Okay so. I am the sinus infection QUEEN. They run like crazy in my family, and I have a cleft palate which fucks up the shape of your sinuses so basically I'm always stuffed up. If you got antibiotics and it didn't help, it might be that you get longer-term, more chronic sinus infections. Which is what I get. At the… » 11/07/14 12:41am 11/07/14 12:41am

The argument isn't that it shouldn't be reported or that she wasn't wrong or that she doesn't need help. I'm not sure where you're getting that. The issue isn't that "there's something wrong with her" it's the "and I hate it." » 10/22/14 12:56am 10/22/14 12:56am

I hate my period. I hate it so much. Well, for the first few days, when it's really heavy and crampy and (TMI ALERT) clumpy. I just never feel comfortable during that time. My skin is more oily, I'm sweatier, I'm bloated so all my clothes are uncomfortable. I have to thnk about what underwear I'm wearing. Such an… » 10/17/14 1:19am 10/17/14 1:19am

As a cis-woman currently at a women's college, I don't find that the continued enrollment of trans men negatively affects the community in practice. In general, transmen who begin or complete their transition while at a women's college have not been men for long enough to acquire the same level of privilege as cismen,… » 10/16/14 6:31pm 10/16/14 6:31pm

When I took Ritalin, I took a short-acting one so it was always a "take it when you need it" type of thing. So there were lots of breaks. BUT I also kind of hated it, so now I'm on Vyvanse which is INCREDIBLE and I barely feel it except I can focus much better so I don't generally take breaks from it, although I'm… » 10/16/14 12:39am 10/16/14 12:39am

My go-to's are always books, art supplies, and/or puzzles, but I guess that does leave stuff lying around possibly. But who could mind books lying around?! With art supplies or puzzles, I always also get a carrier or holder for them as well to minimize mess. These are "things" but in order for them to be used you have… » 10/15/14 11:02am 10/15/14 11:02am

I really wish your friend hadn't told you that. I'm sure she meant well, but still. I also wish he hadn't said it. But you don't know what the context of that comment was. Not that it's acceptable at all, but still. It's an unguarded moment with a friend during a conversation that could have been about anything. So… » 10/09/14 2:39am 10/09/14 2:39am